Daily Interest: Puppies to the Rescue!

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If only they could actually take the tests. Then they'd truly be  man's best friend.

If only they could actually take the tests. Then they’d truly be  man’s best friend.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while being blindsided by the fact that everything related to Peanuts doesn’t cost a nickel.

(Also, those lover letters definitely weren’t in the biography of Charles M. Schultz I read in middle school. Good grief indeed.)

  • Earlier this week, our interns presented to the senior staff team here at American Student Assistance® (they did great, by the way). How you present yourself is crucial, so check out these tips from HackCollege that can help you conquer public communication.
  • A 4.0 GPA is nice, but it’s not necessarily a guarantee for success. So what do you need for long-term success in the future? Jullien “PurposeFinder” Gordon lists four key things. (Surprisingly, a really cool nickname isn’t one of them.)
  • Remember when I said the Pizza Hut cologne would force me to retire from the unnecessary purchase game? Well, just when I think I’m out… they release $81 edible iPhone cases.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.  

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