Daily Interest: Pinterest For Guys, Manteresting

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The "bacon weave" is one of the many featured picutres on Manteresting.

The “bacon weave” is one of the many featured picutres on Manteresting.

So in my shock and fascination with the new “Pinterest for dudes,” I stumbled across (along with hundreds of ideas on how to cook bacon) an article a little more related to the SALT™ Blog cause!

Get Rich Slowly came out with an article about finding meals on the cheap using Pinterest. I love Pinterest, and I love food. Perfect. Here’s some other money-related news I found today:

  • Parenting Squad came up with some cheap Easter crafts for kids. I don’t appreciate the “kids ” specification—though, I guess it’s to be expected on a parenting website. Origami bunny boxes, here I come!
  • The New York Times tells us our generation is doomed. Again. Though, this lady’s grandma might give mine a run for her money—there was no pun intended there, but I like it. Let’s pretend I did it on purpose.
  • The Huffington Post reveals that the thing most incoming college students are worried about is, you guessed it, sinking into a hopeless black abyss of misery, aka student debt. See if your state is in the top 15 for the most debt!
  • CNN Money returned to the age-old battle of the sexes in their latest. They found that women are more likely to enroll and graduate from college than men (yay for girl power!). The reason? Men are less likely to take on heavy debt. Whatever.
  • The Daily Muse gave us advice on what employers look for on our LinkedIn profiles. They say pictures and large networks are always a plus.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Rafael Marquez Photography)

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