Daily Interest: “Millions” Missing Out On Millions In Loan Forgiveness

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Savings written in chalk on blackboard

The CFPB estimates that “one in four working Americans” has a job that meets the definition of public service, including the more than 6.8 million who work in education.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering what the government would name an actual “Forrest Gump method” for paying off student loans.

(Pay As You Run?)

  • Yesterday, I detailed my gluttonous student experience. Well, I’ve found a new rationalization for it: Apparently, Syracuse students have different dining habits. According to GrubHub, the Orange buys more late-night food than any other college in America—25% of orders come between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Late-night food is a delicious terrible way to burn through money, but I’m glad students are keeping Dorian’s in business. (This reference means nothing to most people, but I still dream of your “Zeus” sub, Dorian’s … likely because I used to order them during the hours in which I now sleep.)
  • Speaking of my ill-fated college adventures, one of my roommates almost burned our apartment down once. (Someone left newspaper in the broiler, because, of course that’s where that would go.) While I jokingly did my best Costanza (yelling, pushing Jon Favreau), my roommate grabbed a fire extinguisher. His response was likely better than mine—and underscores how important it is that college students know these fire safety tips.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

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