Daily Interest: How To Make Money By Destroying Money

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Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering how much more expensive this magic wand remote would be if it had a phoenix feather inside it.

(Methinks it’s the wallet, not the wizard, that choose that wand.)

  • Mark Wagner probably isn’t a starving artist, but he’s figured out an easy way for someone to become one: cut up your money and use it as art. Yes, Wagner’s medium of choice is destroyed dollar bills. Check out this video of him working, if only to see if your money scripts make you twitch when he takes an X-Acto to George Washington. If you’re like me, you’ll think his medium is crazy: “Use a pen Photoshop, Sideshow Bob!” (Note: Odds are, you’re nothing like me. Good for you.)
  • The holidays are not only prime time for shopping, but also for shoplifting. New York magazine run downs different, interesting shoplifting stats. And while we certainly file stealing as a “don’t” under gift-buying strategies, we at least recognize its gumption. After all, two of the top items people target for a five-fingered discount are high-end vacuums and mixers. How do you sneak a vacuum or mixer out of a store? Somehow, I don’t think they’re fitting in a jacket pocket … (Yup, back-to-back Simpsons references. It’s a Monday for me too, folks.)
  • Sick of the 1% getting everything? Well, that’s not entirely true. Oh, not that the 1% have it made (they do! All that, plus magic Harry Potter TV removes, I bet), but the idea that only 1% of people influence the decisions made in this country may not be the case. In fact, according to this article (via survey data given to The Associated Press), one in five U.S. adults “become rich for parts of their lives,” and they’re the ones who who truly influence America’s economy and politics. So, now, you are the 80%! (Doesn’t sound as good, does it?)
  • The Billfold has a couple interesting posts today, and I can’t help but feel they’re related in some way. First, they share some anonymous anecdotes about what gifts people buy for their bosses over the holidays. The most popular answer wasn’t this (we know Michael bought that himself anyway); it was “nothing.” In the second story, they highlight survey data from Accenture, which says that one-third of employees leave their job because their boss was horrible. So, that boss who “walk[ed] around with a small baseball bat and a huge switchblade.” Probably not getting him a gift, or more likely, probably getting a really good good gift.
  • One place it’s hard to shoplift from? Online retailers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a steal from them. (Oh, man. Monday malaise over. It’s like stealing when you’re this good.) If you’re already shopping online, what harm is it to open a new window and do some quick searching for a promo code? Even better: The DoughRoller outlines six places for you to start looking, as well as how to make the most of your codes. BONUS LINK: Potentially save (or spend) even more with this Cheapism article outlining websites that charge your state’s sales tax.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

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