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Daily interest news of the dayHere’s some money-related news that caught our eye today while we were feeling bad for folk who are out $10,000 AND have to make new plans for July 4.

  • In Virginia, more students are turning to food stamps, especially “at the end of the semester, when the swipes start running out, the meal plan swipes.”
  • Students going back to school in the fall, get excited for some more marketing heading your way—including Best Buy “taking the store now to the campus.”
  • Speaking of shopping, Inside Higher Ed is wondering whether students are shopping enough (they’re talking about choosing a school, not a laptop) since 75 percent of students who fill out the FAFSA only send their results to one college.
  • Finally, a serious note: We try to make this blog fun and interesting—but we know there’s an incredibly real, painful side to these topics as well. The Huffington Post details the student loan debt suicides. Their anecdotes are jarring, like a mother telling a debt collector, “You are part of the reason [her son] took his own life.” They direct readers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if they need help, and that’s certainly something we agree with.

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