Daily Interest: Inflation’s Like A Hurricane (And Not Just In Duckburg)

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Scrooge McDuck's money bin for DuckTales Remastered at iam8bit gallery

Sadly, not real currency. I’d still jump in it, though. (I’ll never learn.)

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while thinking that this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift—and it will only cost $8.99!

([Looks directly into camera] “This is the part where my significant other starts to hate me.”)

  • In December, it seems like there are lots of thing you have to buy. (Don’t think offering me a hug makes things cool between us, Elmo.) But are those smart purchases to make this month? Surprisingly, yes. Wise Bread outlines its latest list of what to buy and avoid buying this month, and toys actually made the “buy” list. Joining it on that side of the ledger are other great holiday gift fodder, including Blu-Rays, TVs, and kitchen appliances (we told you first!).
  • If you are in a gift-giving mood, check out this rundown of the worst holiday gifts, courtesy of U.S. News. They don’t highlight specific items (still looking at you, Elmo). Instead, they focus on categories to avoid, like gifting something extremely cheap, e.g., something you found in a dumpster. However, they do mention one gift that caught my eye: a XXL T-shirt that says “The U.S. Nude Roller Blading Team.” This sounds hilarious, but it left its recipient mad about the size and slogan. (A complaint that only Woody Allen could love.)
  • Hey, how about a little self-promotion? Check out this article from the Vermont Cynic (BTW: the “cynic” is not this guy, although I really wish it was). It talks about SALT™ teaming up with the University of Vermont to help its students get money savvy. In fact, we’ll be on their campus December 9. So, if you’re a Catamount, we hope to see you there! After all, if we can get a cynic behind us, surely you can get on board too! (Oh, and be nice enough to also overlook that angry squirrel joke.)
  • One of the least fun things to buy this winter season? (No, not you, Elmo. You know I can’t stay made at you …) That would be cold medications. And yet, as we all know, ’tis the season for stuffy noses and scratchy throats. Well, to help you out, Store Brand Meds is giving away stockings full of … wait for it … store brand medications! The retail value of the prize is $18, which equals a whole lot of generic drugs, and 500 people will win. Head on over to Hip2Save for the details.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Ricky Brigante)

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