Daily Interest: Dates! (The Romantic Kind, Not the Dried Fruit)

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Kate and Steve

Romance or exercise? Can’t it be both?

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering if I should be talking about wild bears more often in my cover letters.

(Well, of course people are going to tell you that you are “a best” if you have “strong arm lift to wild bear.” That’s a given in my book.)

  • Valentine’s Day is on its way, gentlemen. The time to start planning the date has come. Wise Bread played the part of Cupid with this list of 99 affordable date ideas. Some sound great (#63, blanket forts! #88, Nerf war! Wait, who wrote this list, a 9 year old?), while others seem like they are just filling out the list (#72, start a blog together? I like a good Daily Interest as much as the next guy, but I’m not feeling very romantic right now.)
  • Speaking of dates, an Arkansas couple went out for a day of fishing together and bought lottery tickets on the way to and from their trip. The result? A $1,000,000 ticket and a $50,000 ticket. Sounds fishy to me. (Ah, thank you.) I can’t say lotto tickets are a great investment, but that kind of luck changes things.
  • Spring break is a great time for college student s to travel, though you don’t want to get sucked in to tourist traps. Yahoo solves that dilemma by highlighting some of the most visited attractions that are actually worth the trip.  That’s comforting because I was afraid that a tourist trap was exactly what it sounds like.
  • One of the best ways to save some money is versatility. Finding multiple uses for one product can cut down costs on things you don’t really need. Case in point, Bargain Babe’s list of 35 uses for coconut oil. It can be used for mosquito bites, guitar strings, and everything in between. Oddly, no mention of “fake horse sounds.”
  • It’s never good to be swindled by the fat cats on Wall Street, but thanks to CNN Money, at least now you know how they are teasing you behind your back. I find it crazy that they’d quote Trading Places considering the rich, conniving bankers in that movie end up losing all their money and become homeless. You can’t trick me, Wall Street—I know my 80’s Eddie Murphy movies.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments. 

(Photo: wwarby)

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