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Sure, "ABCs" are important to learn, but maybe not as much as your "SQLs." (I'm not using that right, am I?)

Sure, “ABCs” are important to learn, but maybe not as much as “SQLs.” (I’m not using that right, am I?)

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while I was wondering what Kodos’s views on education are.

  • Here’s an innovative way to save money: become lactose intolerant, maybe. (What should this writer do with her savings? Hmm… I’m thinking actually go to the doctor.)
  • And, finally, we veer back to serious territory. While this blog tries to take a fun approach to understanding student loans, we do so to get you to think differently about them (or think at all about them). Who knows if we could have helped these 10 individuals, but hopefully listening to their depressing debt stories will help you get those loan statements out from under your bed.

What money-related news caught your interest today? Let us know in the comments.

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