Daily Interest: The Cheapest Thanksgiving Dinner Possible

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Frozen turkey on counter.

You should probably have that out to thaw, roughly, now.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering if you can rent these Top Chef contestants on a sliding scale.

(Ilan has to cost more than Marcel, right? He did beat him, and I just won’t pay that much for foam.)

  • While everyone else panicked about that shortage of Butterball turkeys, Bargaineering went through a different type of Thanksgiving meal planning. Specifically, one of their authors tried to figure out if he could spend less than $20 on a turkey-day dinner. (The experiment also could have been: How can I stop my relatives from coming back for the next holiday?) The result? Success, at least online, as he pulled together a five-person meal featuring turkey, three sides, and desert for just $19.32.
  • Earlier today, we shared 15 tips for snagging a job interview. Well, now we’ve got 13 more that can help you get in the door, courtesy of BuzzFeed. And while we won’t say who advised us best, BuzzFeed’s suggestions are definitely unique. For instance, they say to keep a napkin in your back pocket (so you can wipe your hand to avoid a clammy handshake) and be sure to ask for water without ice. The reason for the latter isn’t this; it’s so your jittery hands don’t drop a wet glass. It could also be so you don’t reenact this, but hopefully on a much smaller scale.
  • Apparently, not very many people want to be Toys “R” Us kids anymore. According to Mashable, this Christmas could be make-or-break for the famous toy store. That’s because the company’s bonds are trading at prices four notches lower than the rating that Moody’s assigned the store. I guess that’s a pretty hefty discount, but not as much as the chain has discounted these Alex Rodriguez figurines. Oh, that’s right, A-Rod; giraffes bite. If Geoffrey’s going down, he’s at least not taking that inventory with him!
  • A lot of people were unhappy when Condé Nast scrapped its internship program. Not among those people? Condé Nast interns. At least, that’s what the New York Post found. In an interview with a few different former interns, one said his fellow interns had to “take shots to deal” with aspects of the job, while another “cried [herself] to sleep.” Gee, with that kind of sensationalism, these workers should have landed job offers at the Post itself. (Probably not, though. You’re not supposed to badmouth old employers in interviews, you know.)
  • We talked about different ways to get home for the holidays, largely ignoring hopping on a plane. So even though I’m fresh out of Jean-Claude Van Damme references, I’ll still highlight this Wise Bread article covering 10 ways to get free or almost-free airline tickets, like asking for miles as a gift. (Man, this would be perfect if JCVD had been Passenger 57. It kind of works if you say, “Always bet on black … belt.” No? OK, how about him in Air Force One? Yeah, kind of hard to get him to pass as the president … Fine, you’re right: Executive Decision it is. Man, they’ve done “Die Hard on a plane” a lot.)

Daily Interest and the SALT™ Blog will be taking a little break from regular publishing until after the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll see you in December!

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments. 

(Photo: capl@washjeff.edu)

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