Daily Interest: A Song Of Fire And Nice Savings

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Game of Thrones

Dinner is coming.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering how quickly I could scrap together $199.

(It’s worth every penny. It features two American treasures: see-through cola and Nicolas Cage.)

  • We love a list of easy, inexpensive recipes so of course we’re going to link to Hack College’s list of easy to make grub inspired by the HBO crossover hit Game of Thrones. The recipes are all taken from George R.R. Martin’s series of books that the show is based on and can all be cooked in the comfort of a college kid’s apartment. Much of the food sounds great, but I wouldn’t recommend eating a horse heart. (Fans of the show know what I’m talking about. I’ll spare you the link though—it’s gross.)
  • Target seemingly has low prices on just about everything you could want. There are still tons of ways to save at that store even more, and Bargain Babe has you covered with a great list. Follow those tips and you’ll easily target some big savings! (Ugh, sorry. Let’s move on.)
  • Great news! Americans under 35 are in less debt than they were 10 years ago. Oh wait, CNN Money points out that it’s probably because the recession has made young adults too broke to even get into debt in the first place. That’s a tough one: not enough money to owe people money. Makes my brain hurt.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. KC @ genxfinance February 27, 2013 / 10:17 pm

    Yeah, I heard about it on the news about the family of four living on only $14,000 per year. Just, amazing. And oh, I saw that episode when Daenerys are the horse’s heart.. :D

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