Why Your Credit Score Really Matters [VIDEO]

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This month, we’ve covered a lot of scary financial topics, from entering the stock market to living on your own to figuring out where to work.

However, we’ve saved one of the scariest money monsters until now. This financial fiend is so frightening that it can affect your ability to get a car, rent an apartment, or even land a job.

What is this currency colossus? Why, your credit score, of course.


This blog isn’t the only place where you can find financial content from SALT™. Saltmoney.org features great, free content too—like the video below. In it, two friends discuss how their credit scores run their financial lives. (And if that doesn’t sound scary, wait until the guy with the lower score talks about how high his interest rates are.)

Check it out.

SALT is a free, nonprofit-backed resource that provides simple ways to take control of your student debt, manage your money, and tackle your #20SomethingProblems. Create your SALT account to get started today. It’s free!

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