End of Semester Crisis? No, Just Life

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Alexandra (second from left) with fellow interns (L to R) Kyle, Sherelle, Faith, Angela, Shane, and Jen.

Alexandra (second from left) with fellow interns (L to R) Kyle, Sherelle, Faith, Angela, Shane, and Jen.

Today is Intern Alexandra’s last day on the SALT™ Blog (tears). We asked her to reflect on her time here and share what she’s up to next.


The last 3 weeks have gone by in a flash. All I remember is an endless cycle of staying up late to finish projects and waking up early to get back on the train. But I survived commuting every day from home to school or work. I also went ice skating a few times, which was fun.

But now, classes have ended, and this internship is ending—what am I going to do with myself?


I’ve made a list called the “what-I’m-going-to-do-over-winter-break” list, and I guarantee that everything on it is inexpensive and fun. I suggest you make one too.

  1. Read. I already hit up the library last weekend.
  2. Watch movies. Books weren’t the only thing I got!
  3. Eat. Note: I will be baking.
  4. Counting down the days until Les Misérables. Favorite musical ever. It’s the only thing I’m really excited for right now.
  5. Sleep.

See how everything’s free! Well, except going to the theater to see Les Mis. And maybe the food part. But considering I still live at home and all, it works out.

I hope your breaks are inexpensive and relaxing, too.


The last 3 months have been quite a ride. Here at SALT, I’ve gotten the chance to work with some incredibly friendly people, all dedicated to their job.

I even got to sit at my own cubicle, which I subsequently stocked with tea and chocolate. I’ve tried out apps, confessed my coffee obsession, and spent a lot of time trying to find the right meme for some of these tricky financial terms. I’ve also met some great people while chatting about life and money in the Internview series.

Other things I’ve learned: (1) I will never forget my NSLDS PIN number, given that I had to call my mom to figure out what it was after SALT had us interns look up our loans, and (2) I now would consider myself a pro at finding Pinterest projects that are inexpensive and relatively practical. Just saying.

But overall, I have a much better idea of how to approach paying back my loans. College debt may be a crisis in America, but it is possible to pay it back and find the money you need in unexpected places. Now, I feel like I’ve learned a lot when it comes to budgeting, student loans, and planning for the future.


Speaking of planning, do I have plans for the future? Ah! Don’t ask me that yet. There is nothing I loathe more than, “So, what are you doing after graduation?” I’d rather you ask me when the last time I did my laundry was.

But the reality is, one more semester of school and then I’m done. I might travel. I might do another internship. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. (But if you ask me who I want to be, it’s probably this guy.) I think about each day as it comes.

Thank you to the followers of my posts and all the wonderful people at SALT. Happy holidays!

Have any words of advice or encouragement as Alexandra heads off into the sunset? Leave them for her in the comments. 

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