Ask 5 Questions Before Borrowing Money For Graduate School [EXCERPT]

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Borrowing for grad school is a big decision. Be sure to give these questions the appropriate weight.

As anyone who has attended grad school knows, it can be expensive. Really expensive.

However, going to grad school is an investment in your future, and taking on debt to do so makes sense for many students. Sometimes, they simply can’t avoid it (I’m looking at you, med students). But other times, borrowing more money just may not make sense for you—at least, right now.

If you’re not sure whether you can afford grad school, you may need to have a tough conversation with yourself about continuing your education.


To help you do this, check out our latest post over on the U.S. News education blog The Student Loan Ranger. In it, we highlight five questions to ask before borrowing for grad school. We’ve included a quick excerpt below, but click through to read the entire piece.

To go to grad school, or not to go to grad school. That question faces most college students and graduates – and answering it leaves many feeling like Hamlet’s poor court jester Yorick.

An advanced degree can bring a high future salary. I also had a friend who once described graduate school as “like college, but without the fun.”

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