A New Job for the “New Girl”

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Zooey Deschanel

She got a new job! (Well, her character did.)

“We haven’t seen Schmidt at work since last Christmas. Jess is underemployed. Nick bartends, sometimes. And the writers treat Winston like a piece of talking furniture. It’s obviously more fun to see the misadventures of these crazy 20-somethings, but they need to work too. A struggle with paying the rent or some student loan issues might hit home for the show’s viewers.” – Some brilliant New Girl expert

Oh, wait a second, I SAID THAT. And then it all came true.


All my whining and pleading about New Girl came to full realization a few weeks ago when the show finally tackled the gang’s financial problems.

They basically used my previous post as a checklist of things to cover.

Schmidt at work—check.

Jess gets a job—check.

Winston does something interesting—check.

Nick receives a water massage from an elderly Asian man and gets drunk at the zoo—check, well no wait, I definitely did not see those coming.

On top of that, we literally saw them paying their bills and discussing their financial statuses. Let’s take a look at how they’ve fared since our last check-in.


We now officially know that Jess is the poorest in the room (and we can confidently rank the group as Schmidt, Winston, Nick, then Jess).

She hit rock bottom and got called a “ninny” over and over by Nick while the fellas berated her about getting a job. She couldn’t pony up her portion of the bills, so Schmidt cut off the gas and hot water and said, “Maybe a cold shower will wake you up to some harsh financial realities.”

For the third time this season, however, she got a new job! Following part-time stints with the Casserole Shanty and the haunted house, Jess now has something more substantial: teaching adults.

Verdict: With a legitimate job, she’s in good standing again.


Schmidt or as Jess referred to him, “Theodore P. Gasbags,” is the most financially successful of the roommates. We saw him back at work, and though I can’t approve of his conduct with his boss, it’s nice to know that he has a reliable job.

My previous looks at his money issues have focused on his outlandish spending. He held himself under control these past few episodes. His only questionable cash flow was spending $40 to see a gynecologist, when he, of course, has nothing for her to see.

Verdict: His cousin may have out-Schmitted him, but since he out-earns his roommates, I’ll give him a pass.


Happy to be second poorest in the room, Nick celebrated by making a strange new friend and becoming the new Ernest Hemingway. Well, he tried to become Ernest Hemingway but just brought a flask to the zoo.

Nick took a headfirst dive into a new career and wrote that zombie novel he’s been talking about. He won’t quit his day job (well, night job) though, because Z Is for Zombie was terrible.

Verdict: All I ask is that Nick mentions how many nights a week he bartends. That, or a long-term plan.


Winston’s overnight radio producer gig finally took effect and resulted in his “adjusted schedule.” It is going to do a number on his social life, time-wise, but financially he shouldn’t have a problem “tricking women into thinking he can buy them stuff.” (His words, not mine.)

Verdict: The #FreeWinston campaign continues. Cece got several major moments in this week’s episode, while Winston got next to nothing. Nice to know he’s got some money now, but how about some storylines?

What are you looking for from the New Girl gang? Share with us.

(Photo: Genevieve719/Flickr)

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