15 Job-Snagging Interview Tips For Twentysomethings [EXCERPT]

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Click through to read all of Cosmo’s tips!

You have #20SomethingProblems but, with SALT™, The Red doesn’t have to be one. We’ve teamed up with some great sponsors (like Cosmopolitan and Esquire Magazine) to offer information and prizes that can help you tackle your financial issues and live well on a tight budget.

For instance, check out these tips from Cosmopolitan.com about landing a job. (Do research? Yes! Explode into awkwardness? No!) Click through to read their full article, and be sure to visit FaceTheRed.com to sign up for SALT and get a chance to win a 1-year subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine! (Or Esquire Magazine, if that’s more your speed.)


1. Find out if you know anyone who works at the company and get tips about the interview process, intel on the appropriate dress code, et cetera. Milk any and all of your contacts like cows with udders that spray professional leverage. (I just grossed myself out.)

2. Print out (multiple copies of!) your résumé the night before. “But Anna, I don’t have a printer at home and there is a Fed Ex Kinko’s on the way!” No. Fed Ex Kinko’s is on the Hellmouth. If you are spending the 15 minutes just before your interview standing in a long, vaguely weird-smelling line while a bored employee bangs on the black and white printer like those monkeys in 2001: A Space Odyssey, you are not in the bathroom at the coffee shop calmly applying a final layer of finishing powder and putting your Game Face on. Also: A one-page résumé. For the love of God. Please.

3. Give yourself a big old cushion of time to get there. Running around in high heels, cursing at yourself and spilling coffee on your suit isn’t cute. Not in the opening credits of a romantic comedy under a K.T. Tunstall song, and not in real life.

4. But if it’s in an office building, don’t show up like 30 minutes early. Otherwise you’ll be sitting in the waiting room nervously, and your interviewer will feel rushed, and everything will be an Explosion of Awkward.

Find out their 11 additional tips. (And, yes, The Wire is involved.)

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Visit FaceTheRed.com to sign up for SALT and get a chance to win a 1-year subscription to Cosmopolitan or Esquire Magazine!

(Photo: Cosmopolitan.com)

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